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Hogan Refresh

Hogan Refresh

Web Course


Hogan Refresh is a self-guided, online learning program geared toward the review and reinforcement of basic interpretation skills gained in our Level 1 Hogan Certification Program. This Hogan Refresh is available as a web course or face to face workshop, which provides previously-certified Hogan users with a thorough review of all 28 Hogan scales, interpretive guidelines, and common scale configurations. 


The program begins with a diagnostic assessment of the learner’s current knowledge of the Hogan scales. Based upon these knowledge checks, the course offers appropriate tutorials to strengthen and reinforce basic interpretation of the Hogan suite of assessments. Challenging exercises are provided to both assess and teach scale meanings and their performance implications. Informational feedback is provided throughout the course to guide interpretive thinking versus rote recitation.  The web course should take approximately 90 minutes to complete. 


Level: Web Course, eLearning or Workshop

Duration: 90 minutes

Prior accreditation required: Hogan Certification Level 1

Hogan Refresh Workshop

Specalists in Hogan Certification
Level 1 & Level 2

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