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Hogan Develop

Hogan Develop

Develop the Full Potential of Key Talent

Successful organisations differentiate themselves through a committed and knowledgeable workforce. Invest in your people with actionable development suggestions, build engagement to retain your top talent, customise your coaching experience for on-the-job accountability, and feed your leadership pipeline.

Our development reports use personality assessment to identify work strengths, shortcomings, and core values, and provide development tips to ensure that you get the most from your employees, and that they get the most out of their careers.


Retain and Grow Top Employees: HoganDevelop presents a variety of report options that offer powerful employee development suggestions based on results of employee work style strengths, developmental opportunities, and career drivers. HoganDevelop increases the retention and engagement of superior employees because they recognise the investment in their own career development.

Effective Employee Management and Coaching: HoganDevelop products offer effective employee management and coaching strategies that nurture the employee's growth. Coaches receive focused feedback about their employees' strengths, opportunities for development, and strong action plans that are linked directly to on-the-job accountability.

Succession Planning: The key to succession management is to create a match between the company's future needs and the aspirations and abilities of individual employees. By using HoganDevelop in your talent management process, you can identify the future leaders of the company and provide them with the appropriate developmental opportunities for their career.

People – Your Competitive Advantage: Your competitors can buy the same things you can buy and hire from the same employment sources as you, but you can be differentiated in how you develop and manage your people. The advantages you achieve through a committed and knowledgeable workforce are hardest for a competitor to replicate.

Insights Bundle

Insights Bundle


An Insight Report is available for each Hogan personality assessment tool (MVPI, HPI & HDS) or can be purchased as a cost-effective bundle for all three. This report provides easy-to-understand insight and is often used to support employees in any job role. Organisations use these reports to support general learning and development initiatives such as coaching, career planning, transition support, team-working and training workshop events.


Assessment used: HPI, HDS, MVPI

Career Report


Hogan Career describes how employees will act in various business circumstances, identifies their strengths and shortcomings, and provides detailed development tips to manage their careers. The report is designed to provide guidance for career development.

Compass Report


Hogan Compass identifies employees’ core values, compares them with various occupations and cultures, and describes the type of environment in which they will be comfortable working and living. The report is designed to provide guidance the career planning process.

HBRI Interpret Report

HBRI Interpret

The HBRI is designed to assess strategic and tactical reasoning ability. The Interpret Report presents scores in a graphical representation, interprets the business relevance of the scores, and describes how the scores interact. Best for: Data only report on an employee’s day to day interactions. Best for assessing mangers reasoning and problem solving style.

Judgement Report


Hogan Judgement provides an in-depth description of participants’ information processing style, decision making approach, decision-making style, reactions to feedback, and openness to feedback and coaching.

Manage Report


The Manage Report is designed to help employees understand how their personality, motivations, and values impact managerial style. The report provides interpretation, tips and bias relating to six key elements of effective Management: Results, People, Process, Thought, Social and Data. Best for: Assessing challenges with an employee.

Matrigma Report


Matrigma is a classic cognitive ability test built on a modern and secure web platform. Measuring general mental ability, therefore gives insight to a person’s ability to; problem solve, plan ahead and draw logical conclusions. Used to help predict; job performance, job satisfaction, voluntary turnover and training performance as well as counter-productive work behaviours. Best for assessing multi languages and cultures.

Insight HPI Report

Insight HPI

Predicts every-day "bright-side" natural behaviour resulting from our normal personality. This report is often used for personality feedback to create self-awareness.

Insight HDS Report

Insight HDS

Predicts coping strategies that maybe used in various situations and relationships when under pressure or stressed. Over-use can lead to career derailment , under-use; you risk being passed over.

Insight MVPI Report

Insight MVPI

Identifies motivational drivers that generate satisfaction, engagement and preferred working climate. This report is often used to create self-awareness around why we do things, who we are, what we enjoy and what we are indifferent to.

Flash Report


The Flash Report is designed for Hogan certified professionals to support feedback preparation. It summarises data results for main and sub scales across the three main Hogan assessment tools (MVPI, HPI and HDS). You can order these reports for each individual assessment or as a bundle of all three.